Up! The Journey of Love Tastes and Prayer

Hello, my name is Indre. I am Your guide to the journey “Up!” . It is the journey where You smile again and love more,  the journey  where You are proud of Yourself and feel the taste of life, you ve been starting to forget already… Yes, you are right about that , it s the same journey “Up”!

Nose Up! Life is Wonderful! It s worthy to Love it!

Sometimes  start loving Yourself and life  takes a while (it took me a great amount of time, learning from my personal mistakes and experience, books, conferences, life art and therapy courses) but once You do, life turns into a wonderful,  big and colorful adventure. Let me guide You there!

The  journey might be long, but might be not. It depends on You. For a moment don t think about that, just stop. Close Your eyes. Breathe in some fresh air. Look around – there are so many things to be thankful for:  the brand new day (that rose up not for everyone),  cosy room with a beautiful painting,  warm cup of tea and hug of your Beloved One,  unexpected and uplifting message, the Smile,  the Sun, the Possibility, the Beauty and all the Love You have and that surrounds You! You might be telling “I don t have that all to be thankful for..”  then again – stop –  look around, there are thousands (maybe millions)  of people that are living worse than You..

You’ ve  made some progress there already? Okay, Keep going, keep breathing! Dream, Love,  Pray, do the things You love, keep thanking and go on with this process again and again!

Thanking and creating a new present – with more  Love, Prayer, Tastes, Colors, Self Expression-  helps us to grow in Joy, Mindfullness and Fullfillment of Ourselves.

It is possible and it will be. Just believe in Yourself and be open for a miracle to come Your Way! I am preparing some nice guidance for You… 🙂


7 Ways to Give a Meaning to Your Life (coronavirus)

  • Give a meaning to being Together. It might be that now you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Instead of looking at the flaws of each other, do something meaningful together. Learn a new language, redecorate your home, change tapestry, play board games or domino, or maybe start creating  a Vlog together? Every evening have a tradition to watch a new movie together and to discuss about.
  • Pray more, strengthen your faith praying your favourite prayers and reading the Bible.  Maybe You will even find some new prayers to learn? If You are new to the Bible I would recommend to start with the Gospel and the Book of Pslams.Those texts will uplift Your day and will give a meaning to it. Find at least 5 minutes for this new habbit daily and you will see how successfully you are going out of negativity in your life and starting to love more.
  • Start writing a gratitude journal. We should always be full of gratitude, because Lord is giving us so much and he wishes us to be happy. If you are starting to feel negative thinking that you are lacking something there might be several reasons. One could be you are not giving  enough, another – you are not grateful enough. Another time you “catch” yourself negative and complaining about the lack of abundance and justice in your life, answer yourself honestly ‘’Do I give enough”? and “Am I grateful enough”?
  • Try to meet the sunrise and lead the sunset, even if it is through the window at home.  Bring back romantics in life, look how beautiful it is around, how beautiful the sun and the sky are. Take a moment to remember all the good that has happened during your day, or how you want to start the new one. Kiss your loved ones, pamper your cat or dog with extra snack, say a compliment or simply blow some soap bubbles through the window ,,blowing out” all negativity, that has not yet been let go. Stretch your hands up to the sky and say: “ I accept all the Best coming my way, I accept Love, Abundance, Perfect Health and Happiness”! Remember that what we accept with joy,  we have. Live according to the natural cycles of nature, keep calm and stay strong and always know that after darkest night the brightest dawn is coming!
  • Renew some family traditions or create new ones. Try how peaceful it is to crawl in bed after having had a herbal tea time with your family gathered around in one place and talking openly in the candlelight? How about playing “Memory” game and discovering new tales all together on the weekends?
  • Learn a new skill. Always wanted to learn new skill? NOW is the perfect time! Stop delaying and just do it! You can even find great courses for free on platform like www.udemy.com, or following interesting YouTube channels. Realise what you want, start doing and keep going! Yes, you can achieve a LOT.
  • Do a good work. We grow in fulfillment by sharing. Which gifts I have I can share with others in need? By giving we not only gladen another but also enrich ourselves.

You are very blessed and gifted indeed! Share Your gifts with the world!

3 Healthy Recipes with Ginger

Ginger, kiwi and banana smoothie

1 kiwi

1 banana

1/2 of teaspoon peeled ginger root

2/3 of cup of natural yoghurt

1 little teaspoon of maple syrup

Blend well all the ingredients, pour in your favourite glass and enjoy your morning!

This smoothie is a great energizer and protector from viruses, also great source of probiotics, and vitamin C.

Samosas with spicy vegetable filling.

The best snack gathering family and friends together! Crunchy and filling! Great to bring in picnics and trips.


2 cups of spelt or wheat flavor

2/3 cups of water

4 spoons of coconut oil

1 tea spoon of turmeric

1 tea spoon of salt.


½ of cabbage

1-2 carrots

A slice of pumpkin

½ of tea spoon of ginger powder

½ of tea spoon of caraway

½ of tea spoon of cumin

1 tea spoon of salt

Firstly make a batter from the batter ingredients. Knead well flavor, coconut oil, water, turmeric, salt and leave in a bowl under wet towel for a little while.

In a hot pan with some oil fry spices shortly, add vegetables,  put a lid on and stew till they gently soften.

Roll the batter well with a roller, put vegetable mass on it and form samosas.

Bake for 25-30 min in a hot oven.

Enjoy with Your best company!

Vegan heart shaped Waffles

Amazingly Tasty heartshaped waffles without milk, butter and eggs! Plant based and diary free! The function of an egg here replaces mashed banana that ,,glues” the batter to the perfect consistency and makes your waffle easily taken out of a pan. For waffles to turn out well and not to stick to a pan, you need to brush it with oil thoroughly and  heat it very well before placing a batter. Pamper yourself and your loved ones! 🙂

150 g. spelt flavor

50 g. buckwheat flavor

1,5 -2 tablespoon of coconut palm sugar or maple syrup

100 g coconut oil

220 ml plant based milk

1 medium banana

1 tea spoon cinnamon

1 tea spoon ginger powder

½ tea spoon baking powder

a little bit of salt

Firstly put in a bowl all dry ingredients: flavor, baking powder, sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and ginger powder, a little bit of salt, mix all well with a spoon;

Put banana and a little bit of milk in a blender and mix till good consistency;

Add to the mixed dry ingredients, pour the rest of the milk and coconut oil;

Mix the batter well and bake in a pan for waffles.

Capture the moment and take the best from Your meal! 🙂