2 Effective Exercises Training You For Victories

Don’ t expect to reach all victories at once! Every victory needs good regular habbits and will, motivation to come closer to Your dream with every brand new day.

What if You could help Yourself with two simple exercises? What if I told You that they help You more than just staying fit or toned up? They will also help You to  train Your mind and motivation to strive for victories.

Get Up, Tone Up, and Start Moving!                     

Keep moving at Your own pace and strive for the best in wise ways. Be honest with Yourself and stop when it s too hard – another day You will do more. Just keep keep doing these exercises honestly  for 21 day (that’s exactly how much time You need to keep repeating a new skill till it becomes a  habbit).

The power of the exercises  is  already written in their names: “Reaching the Stars” and “Mountain Climber”. Do You know that when we honestly exercise we give a sign to the universe that we don’ t give up?

So lets stop delaying and start exercising!

,,Reaching the Stars”

1. Squat down. This is Your starting position
2. Jump up and at the same time stretch Your hands upwards

,,Mountain Climbers”

1. Get down on the floor into plank position. Lift one foot and begin bending the knee as you pull it up between the front body and the floor.
2. Repeat the same action with another leg

You can start with 7 ,,Reaching the Stars” and 7 ,,Mountain Climber” to tone up on your first day and other days add more rounds of those. It is Important You find Your pace and motivation.

What a wonderful start of the day! I can’ t wait to climb high and reach for the stars! 🙂


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