You Are a Piece of Art!

The painting of the author

You are a piece of Art! You were created perfect with all the good You have.

Being an Art means happiness, self – assurance, self – esteem, love and joy.

You are a piece of Art!

You have unique face features, special voice. The way You walk and attract gazes is Your own privilege. Your ability to notice good in others and that powerful skill to  make smile thousands while You are  smiling are incredible.

Have You ever looked at Yourself as a piece of art? Have You been feeling grateful for that?

If not yet, You should! I can tell with confidence that there is no other like You!

You were created by the wonderful Hands of Creator. Yes – from the very beginning You were His perfect clay. He easily made a masterpiece from You.

Therefore He adores You. He was pleased to see You growing and coming to the self – consciousness state You are in now. He knows all Your challenges, struggles  and is so proud of You over and over again, because no matter what sometimes You still  raise Your head up and smile to the white soft cloud in the sky. He then hides behind and whispers You softly: ,,Oh, my Beloved Child…”

You have what You need to have. Everything is so natural. There is no need to complain nor hide.

Bright and confident You are shining. That is Your natural style. You know Your worth and take the best from life, understanding the simple truth: “I am a piece of Art. Lord created me perfect and no one can take away that from me”…


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