You Are Beautiful!

You are Beautiful! How special You are giving Your smile to the world! How adorable and caring.

No one compares to You. Not any flower. Not any tree. Not any butterfly. Not any other creature of the nature. Not any other girl… The way You accept compliments and joy, is incredible. The way You Love and accept Love is empowering You and others. Your womanish power is undividable, unbreakable, unrepeatable… You are Incredible, simply being You, simply being a Woman.

Having a role of a Woman is a big responsibility: responsibility for life, responsability for a call, responsibility for a devotion, responsibility for caring, responsibility for womanish manners. Outer and inner elegance. Staying in control, staying in emphathy, staying in credibility.

You are the Joy and Delight for the eyes of a Man! Yes, You are! Your gaze recognizes Your Man, and His – Yours. You notice each other in the crowd, You find each other through the distance. He knows You are His woman, because You have that inner sparkle readable just for Him… You take such a good  care of Yourself and others, and You are rarely out of control. You are beautiful in Your looks and in Your soul. You are confident, but modest, strong but giving joy for a man to be strong and moving mountains for You.

And that way You take care of flowers.. and of Your nails .. . 🙂 Your ability to be persuasive and winning when You have to prove Your truth and win.

Keep Going. Shine! Surprise! You are a Woman and You are worthy the Best! You are Beautiful and Winning … 🙂

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