8 Benefits of Working Out in The Beach

Have You planned a nice vacation near the sea? If yes, You can make it unforgettable. Friends, sea, smoothies, tasty food and fun workouts in the sand in the fresh air will give You what You need! 🙂

Having fun with friends and enjoying some lazy days sunbathing and sipping cocktails we all can do. But how about some healthy action? How about jogging  few rounds from one beach umbrella to another or in between beach lifeguard towers? Or maybe You would like to meet the sun in  the morning with some nice toning exercises or few rounds of even more intensive work out?

Either way You choose, it’s cool! You already are the winner as You choose to stay strong and motivated. You also gain plenty of benefits of working out in the sand. Are You ready to hear them?

First of all,  it s a fun work out! You are breathing fresh air. Sun rays are touching Your face. Waves are beating the shore and making exclusive sounds. People around are positive (just like You, having come for rest and some nice time, caring (mostly) just about themselves and their families). Children are building wonderful sand castles. And in that wonderful scene You are peacefully jogging and chatting with Your boyfriend, while the water refreshes Your feet… 🙂   Isn’t that wonderful?

Jogging through the stones of the shore gives healthy feet massage. Feet has a lot of spots that when stimulated, can positively affect all organism: improve blood circulation, help to relax and promote a better sleep, improve mood and fight depression, make feet healthier and relieve body pains.

It gives You a lot of vitamin D! Vitamin D is necessary for healthy autoimmune system. It also helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. A lack of vitamin D can lead to bad moods, lack of energy and bone pains. Sun naturally is willing to give it to You! So go and thank her with some joyful work out or volleyball game with Your friends ;).

It gives extra resistance. The sand offers resistance, making your workout more intense, yet it is able to absorb the impact, helping your ankles, knees, hips, and back. This resistance allows you to have a more intense workout in a shorter period of time.

It can help You burn twice more calories than a regular work out. Sand creates an increase in muscle recruitment and provides a higher calorie burn.Even walking on the beach will burn more calories than a regular walk. If you’re looking for for something new and effective, taking your workout to the beach might be exactly what you need now. The beach is perfect for running, yoga, stretching exercises,  Pilates, Zumba or HIIT.

It is good for Your core.  You will also be working your core  as well, as You will be empowering all the smaller stabilizing muscles which normally wouldn’t be engaged if you are just doing the exercise inside of a gym. The smaller muscles are very important to strengthen but usually take time because it is much harder to engage them in a typical gym workout.

It prevents from injuries. Jogging on a hard surface can damage your knees. The sand at the beach will help absorb some of the shock while you’re running. This theory applies to other workouts as well, and sand provides a better transition if you’re recovering from an injury.

It relieves stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that exercising outside among nature, especially at the beach, significantly improves mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. Find Your inner peace and harmony in the beach! It‘ s Your time to recover!


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