Lazy Eggplants

Those tasty eggplants! (And You don t need to be a super cook). Except to know how to add additional love in preparing them :). So… what are You waiting for?

You will need:



Yellow cheese

Garlic cloves

A little bit of oil for roasting

Soya sauce

Salt and spices

Basil leaves

Some cooks  the sliced eggplants salt, leave for few min and let some water to go out on their surface.  The water then is removed with a paper towel so later, when fried, they don’ t get too  oily. I do not necessarily do that (if I don’ t have time) and they still turn out good and tasty. Spices are of great importance! Also soya sauce and garlic.

My eggplants are already sliced. I am roasting them a bit in a pan with little oil.

The oven is heating already. I put the roasted, sliced eggplants on a baking paper in a tray (we can add some soya sauce and chopped garlic as well).

Lets add  some sliced tomatoes.

Mmmmm… already grabbing attention. But we need to go on with the process with some salt and the mixture Your favourite spices on top.  Lets put in an oven.

After few min I add some vegan (or You can use regular if You want) cheese and bake them till they are all nicely melted with it.

3 min. more and eggplants are done! I love to put  few basil leaves on top  before putting in a plate.

Worthy to try and invite! 🙂


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