Humble Journey through Advent with Novenas

,,If I knew, that tomorrow will be the last day of the world, I would still plant a tree“, – Such words once said the father of reformation Martin Luther.

    Such attitude doesn’t cause neither hysteria nor fear about the future, as it states, it is more perfect than the presence. Still,  the reminder of the Last Judgement day encourages to  re-evaulate the values, make  a decission  and take a wise action. Jesus Christ in multiple comparisons said The Gospel about the New World as already existing and yet  coming Reality.

     How about my life? What is my reality? Do I ever just stop for a moment and think that this presesence is the Hope, in which lies the the future of all mankind? What is my input in it? Am I conscious enough to admit that I consume too much, work too much, rush too much? And too little pray, repent, forgive?

    Revelation 3:20, NIV: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

    Let‘ s be on duty. Coming Lord is yearning to come in our hearts, in our lives. How can we acknowledge him coming  if we are rushing, arguing, constantly consuming? There is so much pain around, world is tired…

    For a hope giving and uplifting duty, I highly recommend an Pray More Novenas and Advent Retreat. Pray More Novenas was created to help you pray by sending you each novena prayer for 9 days. It has transformed the prayer life of thousands of people all over the world. Pray More Advent Retreat is a wonderful Advent guidance with 7 speakers, 15 audio and video presentations and 15 study guides. Join in:

   The  accent of Advent is the Light.

   Let‘ s light the hearts of each other with more love, forgiveness and thoughtfullness. Let‘ s devote and surrender more to the Lord.  Walking the humble journey of Advent with open hearts and hands,  more prayer, repent and novenas, we are getting ready for a miracle – the Birth of The Baby Christ in our hearts.

Oh, come Lord, I open my heart for You!


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