To rebuild the Walls of tiny Dandelion Home

Hundreds of times in life she just stopped. ,,It s enough, God, I am broken. How can You restore the building if it’ s from the very basement broken, with holes and slots? My whole life is broken. It has been like that always:  my personality, contact with other people, with the world… Very often I say “Yes” when I feel like “No” and “No” when I want to laugh out loud “Yes!”. Very often I am not very honest with myself, and even You, Lord. I don’ t understand Your signs. I am tired”.

She sipped a big sip of herbal tea and suddenly fell asleep in her room… Widely open window was lit by starry night. With eyes tightly closed for the night, she gently whispered  “Yes” and… turned into a tiny dandelion fluff.

The journey started in time – many years back to the little house. It reminded of Nazareth, where little Mary once lived, prayed and heard the Word….There she saw bright and lovely Angels lifting up the Walls of a building.  

The Angels asked dandelion fluff:

,,Do You want to join us”?

,,Where are You going? I am tiny and weak…”, – I don’t know if I can be helpful..

,,You don’t need to try to be helpful”, – they looked at her and smiled, -,,Just come with us”.

,,Okay”,  – surprisingly she said.

They travelled long distances through green and frosted valleys, rivers, mountains, fountains, waterfalls, cities, seas..

,,I can’t go anymore, I am so tired…” sighed tiny dandelion fluff.

,,Come rest on my wings”, – said one of the angels.

She willingly rested on his wings, a little bit disappointed:

,,How much more to travel?” – she asked already impatient.

,,Soon. Have a little bit patience”, – they said.

,,Why are You carrying those walls?? They are so heavy!”, – she asked.

,,How do You know? You don’t carry them. They are light indeed. For their message is Light”.

,,I don’t  understand”, – she complained.

,,Shhhhh…hush up, little dandelion”, – Angels asked. – ,,Look, we are taking the Walls in the safe place, where the Home will be in Honor and Love”.

,,I want such home as well!” – screamed out tiny dandelion.

,,Do You really want?”

,,Definitely, Yes!”

,,Let it be as You wish”, – the Angel hovered with big soft ticklish wings, blew on her and whispered:

,,Pray for Mary and Her home”

,,Wait!” – she screamed, – ,,You need to tell me!”

Sweating and pulsing she woke up in her room. Breaking dawn was touching  Her face through the widely  open window.

She began with a prayer: “Thank You, my Mother Mary, for the Love Journey and Walls”. She felt peaceful and calm, ready to start restoring the base and the walls…


She just had a call. Talked with a spiritual guide and was invited to a Church Choir.

She repented, forgave and gently let the past go with new base and walls in front…


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