Tortilla Pie with Beans, Vegetables and Cacao

Hey There! 🙂 I don’t know how about You, but I am hungry! 🙂

Recently I had a pack of tortillas, and wondered what vegan and tasty I could do with them. I wanted something different, special. With vegetables and vegan protein. Filling but still healthy.

After the shower of few ideas, here I came up with an amazing tortila pie! 🙂

A pie is formed  by spreading the vegan filling on tortilla sheets (putting in layers).

For a vegan filling I used:

Aprx. 400 g. beans

2 peeled tomatoes

2 tbsp of natural tomatoes  sauce                          

150 g. carrots

1/2 onion

1/3 of pores

A little bit of champignons or egg-plant



Paprika and chili spices

A little bit of cocoa (optional)

Oil for baking

The process is easy – to put chopped ingredients in a well-heated pan to fry.

Firstly I put onion and grated carrots to fry. Then enrich with  paprika,  pores, continue to fry,  put some champignons or egg-plant, add chopped tomatoes.

Make it even better with tomatoes sauce and spices and even cacao (if You like unusual tastes)

Then it s the time for the most filling part – boiled and a little bit ground beans to stick well with the rest of ingredients in the pan.

If You don t want to use a lot of fat, add more water instead and stew. Few minutes more and the filling will be ready to form a pie (tortilla sheet – filling,  tortilla sheet – filling).

When the pie is ready, we need to squeeze it a bit and put in a cool place for few hours. Already impatient to see what happens! 🙂

Let’s enjoy and gladden each other!


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