Touch Talk

Talking less, listening more… Embracing everything with a soothing emotion… Care, hug, glimpse, smile… Unexpected attention…Warm cup of hot tea… Touch Talk… From Your inside to another’s…

How to Have a healing conversation?

First of all, meet with Love! Recognize your own value and dignity and see it in another. The meeting happened. You are here for the reason. To Touch Talk. To melt one’s heart. To help to open it up. To discover together. To share. To enjoy. If necessary to cry.

Create the desire in Your mind to want to listen.. Relate.. Listen. The flow of words need Your attention. They are unrolling more and more smoothly with Your kind encouragement.

Go on.



Could You explain more please?

 I can imagine it hurts…

Try to relax…

Tell me more about that…             

No necessity for anything else… just to be besides while words are unrolling…

Think of the positives in Your relationship with the other person.

Pause. Reflect. Adjust. Act. The pause is a stoplight. To stop in order to reflect the importance of the person. To pause in order to understand the situation. To adjust Your focus on being said words and feelings. Just then acting by being empathically present.

Touch talk. Melt with embrace. Simply stay besides…

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