To bring out Love: the Episodes of my positive Art

Waiting for Love

     On the tiny little shore of the Baltics, She was Waiting… waiting for Love. She actually was already Beloved. Wrapped in a tender touch, she was smiling and accepting. Her body was warm and soft even though she looked prudent and untouchable.    

She was Beloved and  Loving. Enticing emotions were  inviting for an adventure. Soon, very soon, she will be touched and brought out to the Land of Love where She can firmly stand on her two legs while holding His hand, knowing that He has done all the Magic…

                                                      Loved and Loving

      The thrilling emotion She caught in His eyes while He was holding Her melted the ice… The private emotion was filling the Two. The Melody of enticing dance of Souls was gently uplifting the Bodies. The Rythm, the Pulse, the Touch of one Heart to another… Burning eyes and desire to take the moment in control and let the passion flow…

     What a precious, magic moment of togetherness, breaking all the blocks and fears and touching the hearts! When one naked Soul is loving another…


Just, look it here! Love is born, life is filled with magic!

   The little Child comes! Witnessing Your Love to each other. Heart shaped balloons rise in the air, and spread the Love of Your family to the world. Prudent and Proud You are holding the happiness of Your family in Your hands. Yes, You make it work!

   New life.. New responsibility… New perspective… New and Renewed belief… You are called for that! Are You ready to answer?   

I accept. Proudly I say: I Accept!


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