To bring out Love: the Episodes of my positive Art

Waiting for Love

     On the tiny little shore of the Baltics, She was Waiting… waiting for Love. She actually was already Beloved. Wrapped in a tender touch, she was smiling and accepting. Her body was warm and soft even though she looked prudent and untouchable.    

She was Beloved and  Loving. Enticing emotions were  inviting for an adventure. Soon, very soon, she will be touched and brought out to the Land of Love where She can firmly stand on her two legs while holding His hand, knowing that He has done all the Magic…

                                                      Loved and Loving

      The thrilling emotion She caught in His eyes while He was holding Her melted the ice… The private emotion was filling the Two. The Melody of enticing dance of Souls was gently uplifting the Bodies. The Rythm, the Pulse, the Touch of one Heart to another… Burning eyes and desire to take the moment in control and let the passion flow…

     What a precious, magic moment of togetherness, breaking all the blocks and fears and touching the hearts! When one naked Soul is loving another…


Just, look it here! Love is born, life is filled with magic!

   The little Child comes! Witnessing Your Love to each other. Heart shaped balloons rise in the air, and spread the Love of Your family to the world. Prudent and Proud You are holding the happiness of Your family in Your hands. Yes, You make it work!

   New life.. New responsibility… New perspective… New and Renewed belief… You are called for that! Are You ready to answer?   

I accept. Proudly I say: I Accept!


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7 Words of Virgin Mary guiding me before upfront Decisions

  • ,,How this can be if I don t know a man”? (Luke 1:34) When Angel Gabriel manifested to the Virgin Mary and said that she will give a birth to the son and will name him Jesus, Mary was confused. However,  She wasn’ t afraid to ask questions. She was willing to fully know and understand God’s will. She was humble and fearful, because she wanted what Lord wanted for her.

Everytime I am fearful or doubt, oh, Mother Mary, let me come in the dialogue with God.               

  • ,,I am the Lord’s Servant, may Your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38). – she said. She was obedient. She stepped aside from any humanish planning, and said ,,Yes” to His will. Sometimes it is hard to say that firm ,,Yes” because we have our own life plan, understanding, leading solutions… Mary’s obedience was mostly walking unwalked paths, in the darkness, not knowing what’s further… But as He asked Her, she surrendered and was gifted with the Biggest Grace  – Motherhood of the Lord Jesus.

When the new day starts, let me begin: ,,I am the Lord’s Servant, may Your Word to me be fulfilled”.

  • ,,Mary entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth“ (Luke 1:40) Two women were sharing fulfilling joy about what good the Lord has done to them (not what bad people have done to them) Sharing joy in Holy Spirit makes the meeting meaningful and uplifting. The gift of sharing is universal.

Everytime I enter new home, new encounter I want to be like Mary and Elizabeth – share the joy about what good the Lord has done to me (not what bad  people have done to me)

  • And Mary joyfully said,
    “My soul magnifies the Lord,
    and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
    for God has looked with favor on the lowliness of the Almighty’s servant.
    Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed;
    for the Mighty One has done great things for me,
    and holy is God’s name.
    God’s mercy is for those who fear God
    from generation to generation.
    God has shown strength with God’s arm;
    God has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts.
    God has brought down the powerful from their thrones,
    and lifted up the lowly;
    God has filled the hungry with good things,
    and sent the rich away empty.
    God has helped servant Israel,
    in remembrance of God’s mercy,
    according to the promise God made to our ancestors,
    to Abraham and to his descendants forever.  (Luke 1:46-55)

How grateful  Mary is , how grateful  we can be, for each of ours gifts and blessings – there s so much words unspoken! The modest Lord’s Servant Mary is giving the example.

Let me often praise You, Lord, with Magnificat, just like Mary did!

  • “When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, “Son, why have you treated us like this!? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”  (Luke 2:48) Those are the most sorrowful words of Mary. Mary feels pain because the Son, the Saviour given to Her suddenly dissapeared. Mary kept the answer of the Son Jesus silently in Her heart and was quietly considering.

Whenever I am tempted to surrender in pain, give me, Mother Mary, wisdom to know that for everything is divine timing and I will be given understanding and support.

  • ,,They have no wine” (John 2:3) – said Mary in a wedding ceremony in Cannes when all  the wine was gone. She was the first to notice the lack then,  she does the same in my life now – sees the lack and tells Her Son, that I would be supported. Wine is the symbol of Love. She cares about this most important supply, she is concerned I would always have it.

Everytime I don t have Wine of Love, oh, Mother  Mary, tell Your Son to fill me with It.

  • “Do whatever he tells you,”(John 2:5) – she told the servants in the wedding. She was obedient till the end. She was the first Follower and Apostle of Jesus. She knew that there is a meaning in everything her son is doing. Mary’s life from the very beginning was different, exceptional. She is a model proving Lord’s miracles through a complete trust and obedience. Those last Mary’s words is the Testament to all of us: to do, what He [Jesus] is telling us. She paved for us the path of Love, Holiness and Peace, pointing out to Her Son, our Saviour.

Everytime I am tempted to feel angry, disappointed, lost and abandoned, I ll ask her for hope. Come, oh, Mother Mary, give me to hold Your Son. Let me be as loving, peaceful, calm and trusting as You are.

I Accept!


I Accept! It’ s been going a lot recently, but I Accept the Best!

I Proudly accept all the Best coming my way.

Yes, It is Incredibly Wonderful to Accept, when Joy, Luck and Love with evidence are coming Your way.

Following the right direction, Sophisticated and Proud You Succeed. You know Your weaknesses, but You know Your strengths as well. Where You think You are weak,  often You are strong. Take it easy. Relax. You are the BEST! Wonderful experiences are catching You. Simply Accept them and shower Your Beloved One and others with thousands of Smiles!

Did You know that Your smile can move mountains? 😉 It is shining, guiding, melting :). It is a gentle touch for the weary eyes, it is a balm for the tired souls, it is Your secret weapon to win the victory and take Your desired place 🙂

You go on…

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How to Be Human

Smile at strangers And share your experience; Reflect on the past But don’t build up fences. Listen to nature, But don’t let it control you; Appreciate people And let them console you. See colors and shapes As they are, unconcealed; Learn what you can, And love what you feel. Spend time out alone, Just thinking […]

How to Be Human