Sustainable Fashion or My “Pick Up’s” from Second Hand

Second Hand has a lot to offer!

I constantly find out that, when I renew my wardrobe in just few euros. How great and saving the planet and your budget that way of shopping is! Plus, it gives freedom for your creative thinking: sometimes you need to come up with an idea of how to clean up a spot from a lovely blouse, other times you need to sew a line or mend a little bit  in order for it to fit to your figure. But when you find your thing, the efforts are definitely worthy.  Moreover, you are thinking greenly! By choosing a second hand item,  you proudly step aside from a new factory pollution and at the same time minimize the impacts of it on the environment.

I ve been practising several ways getting the most of second hand.

First one is, when I go to the Second Hand stores and get the things I like myself. Usually, it is a very pleasant process, because on a limited amount of money I often „win“ great deals and also save money! There are a lot of colours and styles of clothes in most of second hand stores.  What is also very pleasant, that there are usually  great choices of sizes. If you are not very used to going to stores like that, you can invite a friend or mom for a walk and also offer them to check out one Second Hand store nearby.

My own Second Hand “Pick Up’s”

Second way is to share or exchange Second Hand goods with your friend. In my last job I ve been working  mostly with a group of women. There was a “trend” to bring bags of used or given away clothes and shoes for co-worker women to pick. There were women that never looked seriously at such bags and the content in them, but I was. I used to gladly accept the clothes, that fitted me, I even had some pleasant photoshoots in nature in them!

The dress and the knitted blouse were given away to me by my co-worker friend

Third way is to get materials from the Second Hand store and sew the items you like. Yes, yes! That is possible!  I ve sewn myself a couple of sweet things, from pretty unusuall materials: a long beach skirt from a thick cotton material from curtains and a cute dress from a bright cotton bedding!

The beach skirt and the dress I sewed from materials bought in Second Hand

Fourth way I tried is looking at my mom’ s wardrobe and doing something unexpected – trying on a skirt she wore over 30 years ago! Yes, she gladly gave me it, and our sizes are practically the same. I was happy to give a second life to the lovely skirt of my mom!

I gave a second life to the skirt my mom wore over 30 Years ago!

Be confident and creative! I am sure your efforts will pay off 🙂

Go for a walk with a friend or mom – either you are saying compliments to each other or going to look around in the Second Hand store nearby – together find out – Sustainable Fashion has a lot to offer!