An Uplifting Experience with Waterfall Sounds to heal Anxiety

A wonderful waterfall is a precious gift of nature. But how do we know it’s special value?

Water is the source of life, the source of fertility and satisfaction. Who did ever smile thirsty or burnt in the beach without ability to refresh? (if swimming there is forbidden).

Yes, yes, we all want to refresh. But do we evaluate what we already have?

Water is the most abundant compound on Earth, covering over 70% of the planet. Water has the power of constant change; when cold, it crystalizes and freezes, when hot, it steams, when touched, it ripples. It makes up between 65% and 78% of our body (depending on age), comprising over 70% of our brain, heart, skin, muscles, kidneys, lungs, and liver. Even 31% of our dry bones are water. The more water we lose, the more we deteriorate and when we are only 50% water, we die. We are water in human form.

This can memorize and transport various information. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto demonstrated this with his water crystal project. In this study, Emoto played music, displayed words, and prayed to water while it was freezing, and when the water was frozen it created crystal shapes distinct to each affect. When the words and music were positive and loving, intricate crystal shapes appeared, and on the contrary, when sounds and words were negative and harsh, chaotic  shapes formed.

This leads to the the question: What if we can transform our thoughts and words for a positive change while we are in water? Could we renew our body and mind to default to the balance and peace it feels when in water?

Naturally,  being in water can serve as a reminder of our natural human state: flowing, changing, self- flow, aware, and resilient. It is all-pervading and in constant flux. In many cultures water is seen as holy and paramount to spiritual enlightenment. In Sanskrit “Narayan” is the name of God in his infinite all-pervading form and translated as “the one who moves in the infinite waters and is also the water itself.”

For me, personally, it is very healing to open this wonderful waterfall track, before sleep, or while meditating. I start it playing, sit or lay down in bed comfortably, in a cosy light. I see my self under the Wonderful waterfall with marvellous stream on me. I see how all my worried mind is washed and refreshed. Every inch of me, every cell, renews and rejoices under that perfect balancing stream – Gift from above. It keeps playing, and I get less and less distracted, being showered by this grace. I see it as God’s given grace for me right now. I click on the video full screen and enjoy the light waves and soothing blue and green colours of nature. I sometimes leave it on for a night (it’s a 10 hours stream!) and am comforted with peace and cosy refreshment till the new day dawns.. 🙂

The new day dawns, but before… Let it flow, let it flow –  joyfully, preciously,  let it flow… 🙂


Orange Breakfast: enough for Two, enough to feel the Blues

       You just woke up in the morning. Opened Your eyes. Sunlight is playing in Your eyelashes. The day is fresh and beautiful – just like You :). With clumsy moves (still all sleepy!) You enter the kitchen and yawn at the dirty dishes left in the sink from yesterday. ,,Oh…again… “, – You yawn again and open the fridge  covered with crazy stickers and magnets.

     ,,What do we have there”?- You ask Yourself loudly even though You know You are the only one to answer to that question… 🙂

     ,,Sauces, beans, yoghurt…nevermind..” – You yawn again, and open one of the drawers.

     ,,Couple of oranges..carrots…Hmm… “, – You give it a little thought and suddenly decide:  ‘’Yesss! It’s something I need right now!”

     You gentlty take those out, peel off and squeeze some fresh orange juice. Enough for two. Enough to feel the blues… 🙂

C! C! a lot of vitamin A and C! 🙂

Tasty Life Bites: Hello, King Avocado!

Take Your bite. Bread, avocado slice and sun dried tomatoes with  basil on top. Mmmm. Take it joyfully! And feel the taste of life… 🙂

Never too late to make the right option. It is important You take it. When it comes to make the choice for a healthy snack, I choose avocado. I peel it off and enjoy the promising green color and start my day! I make small slices and put them on a nicely roasted bread. I find my sun dried tomatoes and chop them nicely into little pieces to cover the top of my sandwiches. I find exact amount. I put some salt and fresh basil leaves on top. I put all in a nice plate. My morning is off to a great start!

So simple, yet tasty and boosting my energy! I make more sandwiches so I can share with my beloved if He… unexpectedly comes in the kitchen!

“Come darling, get Your Bite! 🙂 Would You make some herbal coffee for Us?”

“Yes, my Dear” (of course He can’t say no to You 😉 ).

“Wait a bit, do You want some cheese and olives with it as well”? 😉

“Sure, my Boy” 😉 – You say and flirtatiously smile.

“Okay, My Lady 🙂 Everything I can do is Best for You” ;)…

… Green light! You pass the test of staying close together. Green light! Matching expectations. Stunning Joy!

You take the plate and bring it to Your bedroom. You both crawl in the messy bed and place the plate on Your wrapped up warm legs.

“Come closer, take Your bite, Girl…” 🙂 – he whispers gently in Your ear…

The Morning Routine Helping Allover the Day

Have you been rushig too much lately? Grabbing this and that and then coming back to the same spot again having reached nothing significant you actually wanted? I honestly know this feeling, when you feel like ,,invested yourself”  in various areas, but not strongly on your true area, that is your call and wish for life.

Changes don t come at once. To implement a better habbit, you definitely need to train your will and focus. It was wisely said once that sometimes things can get much better simply having started to go to bed earlier. That is true! Did you know that the most effective hours to restore for organism (and especially for mental health) are hours before midnight? What does that mean? That means that if I go to bed on 10 pm, I can start my day early enough to have additional hour in the morning  for prayers, focus, exercising and (or) writing  (gratitude journal/affirmations/plans)  before my actual day works and duties start.

I find it very effective to divide that earlier hour in 3-4 periods and do for 15-20 min prayer, next 15 min – meditation/focus, another 15  min –  exercising, the last 15 min – writing of gratitude journal/affirmations/plans. The choices may vary depending on your needs!  You can  include something that works very efficiently specifically for you.

Prayer. Close your eyes. Find the connection. Pray from the heart. Feel grateful and surrounded by the perfect Love of The Lord. Find your favourite prayers or surf in the net for them. There are A LOT of truly beautiful prayers!

Meditation/focus. Contemplate on your vision of life. Have a clear sense of what You want and how You will feel having achieved that. BUT give all that to the Lord, because He knows exactly how you need that.

Exercising. Keep Up! Work out from your heart!

Writing/thanking/planning. There s probably a lot going on in your heart, head and soul. Release those feelings and thoughts, keep thanking! With a free head and grateful heart  you might come up with  a perfect plan!