I Accept!

I Accept! It’ s been going a lot recently,  but I Accept the Best!

I Proudly accept all the Best coming my way.

Yes, It is Incredibly Wonderful to Accept, when Joy, Luck and Love with evidence are coming Your way.

Following the right direction, Sophisticated and Proud You Succeed. You know Your weaknesses, but You know Your strengths as well. Where You think You are weak,  often You are strong. Take it easy. Relax. You are the BEST! Wonderful experiences are catching You. Simply Accept them and shower Your Beloved One and others with thousands of Smiles!

Did You know that Your smile can move mountains? 😉 It is shining, guiding, melting :). It is a gentle touch for the weary eyes, it is a balm for the tired souls, it is Your secret weapon to win the victory and take Your desired place 🙂

You go on walking and surprising, You go on caring and uplifting people and gently caressing hearts… 🙂 With Your Smile, with Your Choice, with Your Attitude, with Your Actions. Your footsteps are bright and giving the right direction. their print are making people smile, because You are striding courageously and feel confident being Yourself. Yes, You are Incredible 🙂

Worthy to try, worthy to do – simply being You: Enjoy, Accept, Walk and Follow.

Such a wonderful time we have, such a great time to stay strong!

Strong and ready. Ready for the Best. Ready for a Blessing. Ready for Acceptance and Accomplishment. Ready for Love.

You Are Beautiful!

You are Beautiful! How special You are giving Your smile to the world! How adorable and caring.

No one compares to You. Not any flower. Not any tree. Not any butterfly. Not any other creature of the nature. Not any other girl… The way You accept compliments and joy, is incredible. The way You Love and accept Love is empowering You and others. Your womanish power is undividable, unbreakable, unrepeatable… You are Incredible, simply being You, simply being a Woman.

Having a role of a Woman is a big responsibility: responsibility for life, responsability for a call, responsibility for a devotion, responsibility for caring, responsibility for womanish manners. Outer and inner elegance. Staying in control, staying in emphathy, staying in credibility.

You are the Joy and Delight for the eyes of a Man! Yes, You are! Your gaze recognizes Your Man, and His – Yours. You notice each other in the crowd, You find each other through the distance. He knows You are His woman, because You have that inner sparkle readable just for Him… You take such a good  care of Yourself and others, and You are rarely out of control. You are beautiful in Your looks and in Your soul. You are confident, but modest, strong but giving joy for a man to be strong and moving mountains for You.

And that way You take care of flowers.. and of Your nails .. . 🙂 Your ability to be persuasive and winning when You have to prove Your truth and win.

Keep Going. Shine! Surprise! You are a Woman and You are worthy the Best! You are Beautiful and Winning … 🙂

You Are a Piece of Art!

The painting of the author

You are a piece of Art! You were created perfect with all the good You have.

Being an Art means happiness, self – assurance, self – esteem, love and joy.

You are a piece of Art!

You have unique face features, special voice. The way You walk and attract gazes is Your own privilege. Your ability to notice good in others and that powerful skill to  make smile thousands while You are  smiling are incredible.

Have You ever looked at Yourself as a piece of art? Have You been feeling grateful for that?

If not yet, You should! I can tell with confidence that there is no other like You!

You were created by the wonderful Hands of Creator. Yes – from the very beginning You were His perfect clay. He easily made a masterpiece from You.

Therefore He adores You. He was pleased to see You growing and coming to the self – consciousness state You are in now. He knows all Your challenges, struggles  and is so proud of You over and over again, because no matter what sometimes You still  raise Your head up and smile to the white soft cloud in the sky. He then hides behind and whispers You softly: ,,Oh, my Beloved Child…”

You have what You need to have. Everything is so natural. There is no need to complain nor hide.

Bright and confident You are shining. That is Your natural style. You know Your worth and take the best from life, understanding the simple truth: “I am a piece of Art. Lord created me perfect and no one can take away that from me”…

Let it Be, Let it Be, You Gave that Smile Again to Me…

I never was really worthy all the good You gave to me…

Let it be.. Let it be.. You gave that smile again to me,

And here we go again… Something good is happening to me!

I am washed with the grace of summer rain  – let it be,  let it be,

Wash me fully –  set me free!

My tears turn laughter,

My heart is praying,

I can feel!

My joy is in my veins,

I am holding Your precious name –-

Let it be, let it be

Wash me with graces,

Bless my dreams!

And here we go again —

You gave that smile again to me!

I found my way –

To You and through You —

Oh, Mother Mary, forever my Queen…

The Wonder is You!

The Wonder is You!

How can You hide what is evident?

You don t need to worry, nor cry.. You have all!

You probably want to stop and interrupt me with some different examples from Your life as you come back (willingly or unwillingly) to the moments when You were a kid and everyone was expecting You to be someone.

Parents had planned for You ahead ,,Your awesome career as the lawyer or engineer (etc, etc)”. Teachers seeing You as a leading manager, friends seeing You as a team player. And You.. You didn’ t fit those roles fully, You were neither happy nor successful.. You actually even feel like You’ve let down many people who believed You.

”Maybe” – you sighed, and tried the new role.

But then again.

And again – “That’s not me”.

So many “prescribed roles for You” – perfect group member, organisator, writer, “the soul of company”… but then again that same  – ,,That’ s not me”.

At some time, it can become very difficult until You finally  stop and find Your Own answer of who You really are and Who You want to be.

 All the answers are actually written in Your heart. The rules of understanding them are pretty easy:  No one can live Your life and it is You who create its happiness.

The Wonder is You!

The inner knowledge, love, joy, talents and self-assurance is naturally within You. Slow down, calm down and find the answers (deep inside you already know actually).

In Your thoughts follow Christ coming closer to John the Baptist in the water to be baptised… Yes, today is Your day as well. You are washed with the grace and are ready to rise again!

The Wonder is You. Bright and confident You are shining. Always worthy and making smile people around You! That is Your natural style. How can it be differently?

To You I Raise My Hands

Can You remember the moments how You felt having been completely taken care of someone?

Safe and secure, surrounded by Love?

No, You didn’ t need to take care of anything. Just surrender to that care and love. Jesus forgiving Your sins, and wiping Your tears when no one understands You. Your spouse putting on a warmer blanket when You are angry with the world and don t want to see anyone in your bedroom. Your mom telling you a compliment when You don’t deserve that. Your boss giving You a higher position when other co workers hate and sadden You…

It happens from time to time, when You have a chance to look closer at some situations, proving You how loved and needed You are.

And here we go, You are smiling again! The smile comes prudent at first: ,,Look,  how bad I was, how selfish and still I am so lovingly accepted”, few more minutes pass and You start smiling naturally! Yes! That smile and joy again!

It is safe and necessary to Accept Love,

It is safe and necessary to Trust.

It s safe and necessary to stop a bit from any interference of Your ,,wise” thoughts and defense words so the miracle of love and forgiveness can occur again… I know that from that moment on, touched by the warmth of goodness I can believe I am good and worthy again.

Up! The Journey of Love Tastes and Prayer

Hello, my name is Indre. I am Your guide to the journey “Up!” . It is the journey where You smile again and love more,  the journey  where You are proud of Yourself and feel the taste of life, you ve been starting to forget already… Yes, you are right about that , it s the same journey “Up”!

Nose Up! Life is Wonderful! It s worthy to Love it!

Sometimes  start loving Yourself and life  takes a while (it took me a great amount of time, learning from my personal mistakes and experience, books, conferences, life art and therapy courses) but once You do, life turns into a wonderful,  big and colorful adventure. Let me guide You there!

The  journey might be long, but might be not. It depends on You. For a moment don t think about that, just stop. Close Your eyes. Breathe in some fresh air. Look around – there are so many things to be thankful for:  the brand new day (that rose up not for everyone),  cosy room with a beautiful painting,  warm cup of tea and hug of your Beloved One,  unexpected and uplifting message, the Smile,  the Sun, the Possibility, the Beauty and all the Love You have and that surrounds You! You might be telling “I don t have that all to be thankful for..”  then again – stop –  look around, there are thousands (maybe millions)  of people that are living worse than You..

You’ ve  made some progress there already? Okay, Keep going, keep breathing! Dream, Love,  Pray, do the things You love, keep thanking and go on with this process again and again!

Thanking and creating a new present – with more  Love, Prayer, Tastes, Colors, Self Expression-  helps us to grow in Joy, Mindfullness and Fullfillment of Ourselves.

It is possible and it will be. Just believe in Yourself and be open for a miracle to come Your Way! I am preparing some nice guidance for You… 🙂