Up with a Move!

Staying focused. In Control. Yet ready to let the difficult boundaries, flaws and worries go. Time to come out of Your shell. You’ ve probably been there for long and safely. I know it happens, but now it’s time to let Your personality pearl shine!

Get ready. Maybe You just got up in Your bedroom. Ok then 🙂 Close Your eyes for a moment. Put on some relaxing music (probably no one is seeing You right  now). Breathe in some fresh air. Don’ t think about the  audience. You don’t need it now!

Acknowledge. Your body warmth, heartbeat, emotion. How do You feel? Maybe You want to talk out the unspoken. Let the frustration, fear go? Let it go. Or simply to put Your hands for prayer and  sit in silence for few minutes? Give it some time, unwind.

Express. You might be willing to sit on the floor and hug Your knees. Lay helplessly on the ground, or, on the contrary,  dance some nice dance  of gratitude? You might be also willing to do something unexpected – to take off Your socks and walk barefoot to look through the window. Don’t stop Yourself… Who knows, maybe You will see something truly beautiful and relevant out there?

Illuminate.  If You are ready, carry out a self reflective act to discover and deal with subconscious emotions. Understand the meaning of your movements. Trust and recognize the impulses.  They are guiding You right. If You are laying helplessly on the ground, You probably need to be lifted up – someone or something that inspires and uplifts You.

Evaluate. Stay silent and ready to accept the truth about Yourself even if it is uncomfortable… Because there, the healing process begins.

Jump up high!  It s good, even if You don’t feel like You are ready now or You can at all.. Show Your effort to feel stronger, happier and more worthy (yes, You are VERY worthy!). By doing so, You will admit to Yourself You don’ t give up and  will let Your potential out. The spontaneous motion You are going to be involved in will help to unpack what s necessary but hidden  â€“ the true, natural, and real You! 🙂

Involve and listen. Come and shine! Jump and surprise!