,,They have no more Wine” – The Jug of Mary

,,On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and His disciples had also been invited to the wedding. When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother said to Him, “They have no more wine.” (John 2:3)

Wine is the symbol of love. Have You ever been in the situation, when it seems You can’t go on further? When Your soul is tired and Your heart is weak, when You are thirsting for Love, but don’t find enough supplies in the Love Vessels anymore? It seems it is difficult to go on loving hotly and unconditionally… Because You are tired… Because You didn’t get enough love.. And got struck in a moment with confused feelings and mind.

Take a piece of paper then and write a note for Mary – the greatest intercessor of the Bride and the Groom in the wedding in Cana, when they were starting to feel the lack of Wine. Wine of Love.

Do You think she will say ,,no” to You? When You also lack Love, Emotion and Energy to Love further, She is the First to assist You. Help You. Or replace things with greater Joy for You (whatever this may be in Your situation).

Be open to accept, be open to listen and notice the signs of Love on Your path. But before that, simply write a note : ,,Mary, I have no more wine of Love… I don’t have…” and put it  in a jug for Mary.

She will respond to You. I am confident. She never said ,,no” to me, (well, sometimes just showed a better solution, than I imagined) she just kept replacing my worries with Love, Joy and Motherly Care… (she will do the same to You). Just take a piece of paper, pen and write a note to Mary…

To bring out Love: the Episodes of my positive Art

Waiting for Love

     On the tiny little shore of the Baltics, She was Waiting… waiting for Love. She actually was already Beloved. Wrapped in a tender touch, she was smiling and accepting. Her body was warm and soft even though she looked prudent and untouchable.    

She was Beloved and  Loving. Enticing emotions were  inviting for an adventure. Soon, very soon, she will be touched and brought out to the Land of Love where She can firmly stand on her two legs while holding His hand, knowing that He has done all the Magic…

                                                      Loved and Loving

      The thrilling emotion She caught in His eyes while He was holding Her melted the ice… The private emotion was filling the Two. The Melody of enticing dance of Souls was gently uplifting the Bodies. The Rythm, the Pulse, the Touch of one Heart to another… Burning eyes and desire to take the moment in control and let the passion flow…

     What a precious, magic moment of togetherness, breaking all the blocks and fears and touching the hearts! When one naked Soul is loving another…


Just, look it here! Love is born, life is filled with magic!

   The little Child comes! Witnessing Your Love to each other. Heart shaped balloons rise in the air, and spread the Love of Your family to the world. Prudent and Proud You are holding the happiness of Your family in Your hands. Yes, You make it work!

   New life.. New responsibility… New perspective… New and Renewed belief… You are called for that! Are You ready to answer?   

I accept. Proudly I say: I Accept!


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I Accept!

I Accept! It’ s been going a lot recently,  but I Accept the Best!

I Proudly accept all the Best coming my way.

Yes, It is Incredibly Wonderful to Accept, when Joy, Luck and Love with evidence are coming Your way.

Following the right direction, Sophisticated and Proud You Succeed. You know Your weaknesses, but You know Your strengths as well. Where You think You are weak,  often You are strong. Take it easy. Relax. You are the BEST! Wonderful experiences are catching You. Simply Accept them and shower Your Beloved One and others with thousands of Smiles!

Did You know that Your smile can move mountains? 😉 It is shining, guiding, melting :). It is a gentle touch for the weary eyes, it is a balm for the tired souls, it is Your secret weapon to win the victory and take Your desired place 🙂

You go on walking and surprising, You go on caring and uplifting people and gently caressing hearts… 🙂 With Your Smile, with Your Choice, with Your Attitude, with Your Actions. Your footsteps are bright and giving the right direction. their print are making people smile, because You are striding courageously and feel confident being Yourself. Yes, You are Incredible 🙂

Worthy to try, worthy to do – simply being You: Enjoy, Accept, Walk and Follow.

Such a wonderful time we have, such a great time to stay strong!

Strong and ready. Ready for the Best. Ready for a Blessing. Ready for Acceptance and Accomplishment. Ready for Love.

Oh, Yeah! Fear is No Longer Here

Oh, Yeah, Fear is no longer here!

I blew it out in a big balloon and let it go.

Fear is no longer here. Trust me!

I am sitting here in the balcony, caressing cat’s fur

and watching the coming moon…

It is no longer here, because I washed the dirty spoons,

that are now full with better moods… 😉

Come closer, Love, Fear has been let go!

Wide and open — in the summer night

With a perfect carrier — big and pink balloon.

I better now rely on a soft and cosy cat’s Mickey’s fur…

And I’m so delighted to hear that calm and peaceful “Murrrrrr”…

Hey, what’s going on!?

I see my Mom step in in room

She has her big  hair – rollers on

And  brings me jam with bread

(To eat with joy) 🙂

I now eat jam with bread

and make Mom laugh instead 😀

(You know, that ,,jammy” smile… 🙂 )

Let it Be, Let it Be, You Gave that Smile Again to Me…

I never was really worthy all the good You gave to me…

Let it be.. Let it be.. You gave that smile again to me,

And here we go again… Something good is happening to me!

I am washed with the grace of summer rain  – let it be,  let it be,

Wash me fully –  set me free!

My tears turn laughter,

My heart is praying,

I can feel!

My joy is in my veins,

I am holding Your precious name –-

Let it be, let it be

Wash me with graces,

Bless my dreams!

And here we go again —

You gave that smile again to me!

I found my way –

To You and through You —

Oh, Mother Mary, forever my Queen…

To You I Raise My Hands

Can You remember the moments how You felt having been completely taken care of someone?

Safe and secure, surrounded by Love?

No, You didn’ t need to take care of anything. Just surrender to that care and love. Jesus forgiving Your sins, and wiping Your tears when no one understands You. Your spouse putting on a warmer blanket when You are angry with the world and don t want to see anyone in your bedroom. Your mom telling you a compliment when You don’t deserve that. Your boss giving You a higher position when other co workers hate and sadden You…

It happens from time to time, when You have a chance to look closer at some situations, proving You how loved and needed You are.

And here we go, You are smiling again! The smile comes prudent at first: ,,Look,  how bad I was, how selfish and still I am so lovingly accepted”, few more minutes pass and You start smiling naturally! Yes! That smile and joy again!

It is safe and necessary to Accept Love,

It is safe and necessary to Trust.

It s safe and necessary to stop a bit from any interference of Your ,,wise” thoughts and defense words so the miracle of love and forgiveness can occur again… I know that from that moment on, touched by the warmth of goodness I can believe I am good and worthy again.