Orange Breakfast: enough for Two, enough to feel the Blues

       You just woke up in the morning. Opened Your eyes. Sunlight is playing in Your eyelashes. The day is fresh and beautiful – just like You :). With clumsy moves (still all sleepy!) You enter the kitchen and yawn at the dirty dishes left in the sink from yesterday. ,,Oh…again… “, – You yawn again and open the fridge  covered with crazy stickers and magnets.

     ,,What do we have there”?- You ask Yourself loudly even though You know You are the only one to answer to that question… 🙂

     ,,Sauces, beans, yoghurt…nevermind..” – You yawn again, and open one of the drawers.

     ,,Couple of oranges..carrots…Hmm… “, – You give it a little thought and suddenly decide:  ‘’Yesss! It’s something I need right now!”

     You gentlty take those out, peel off and squeeze some fresh orange juice. Enough for two. Enough to feel the blues… 🙂

C! C! a lot of vitamin A and C! 🙂