Oh, Yeah! Fear is No Longer Here

Oh, Yeah, Fear is no longer here!

I blew it out in a big balloon and let it go.

Fear is no longer here. Trust me!

I am sitting here in the balcony, caressing cat’s fur

and watching the coming moon…

It is no longer here, because I washed the dirty spoons,

that are now full with better moods… 😉

Come closer, Love, Fear has been let go!

Wide and open — in the summer night

With a perfect carrier — big and pink balloon.

I better now rely on a soft and cosy cat’s Mickey’s fur…

And I’m so delighted to hear that calm and peaceful “Murrrrrr”…

Hey, what’s going on!?

I see my Mom step in in room

She has her big  hair – rollers on

And  brings me jam with bread

(To eat with joy) 🙂

I now eat jam with bread

and make Mom laugh instead 😀

(You know, that ,,jammy” smile… 🙂 )

Let it Be, Let it Be, You Gave that Smile Again to Me…

I never was really worthy all the good You gave to me…

Let it be.. Let it be.. You gave that smile again to me,

And here we go again… Something good is happening to me!

I am washed with the grace of summer rain  – let it be,  let it be,

Wash me fully –  set me free!

My tears turn laughter,

My heart is praying,

I can feel!

My joy is in my veins,

I am holding Your precious name –-

Let it be, let it be

Wash me with graces,

Bless my dreams!

And here we go again —

You gave that smile again to me!

I found my way –

To You and through You —

Oh, Mother Mary, forever my Queen…